City of Cripple Creek Five-Year Transit Development Plan                                
Cripple Creek, Colorado

Production of a Five-Year Transit Development and Coordination Plan that was designed to assess current organizational and financial capacity, develop alternatives for meeting growth and demand expectations, associated capital and funding plans, and an implementation plan.  The project included a comprehensive analysis of area demographics and travel patterns, qualitative and quantitative transit demand analysis, service and geographical gaps analysis, budget and funding options,  and a detailed implementation plan. Recommendations included service adjustments, route frequency increases, additional services, and policy recommendations.


Teller County Five-Year Transit Strategic Plan                                                    
Teller County, Colorado.

Currently working on Five-year Transit Development plan that included extensive public outreach and involvement to establish community interest and support for public and other modes of transportation in Teller County.  The resulting geographical and service gap analysis revealed limited knowledge of existing services and a willingness to use new services if effective and properly marketed.  Alternatives generated by the study focused principally on mobility management efforts, as the Local Coordinating Council does not have the organizational capacity or funding to maintain the level of effort needed to effectively manage coordination efforts in the county.


​Cheyenne 5-Year Transit Development Plan                                                         
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Developed a Five-Year Transit Development Plan that included an ADA sidewalk and bus stop accessibility report. The purpose of the plan was to provide recommendations for system improvements that could be implemented immediately in response to specific issues, as well as more comprehensive recommendations that could be implemented at a later date.  The plan included an analysis of area and rider demographics, complete hour by route ridership evaluation, comprehensive financial analysis, and route structure recommendations that would more effectively distribute service and reduce costs.


City of Colorado Springs Title VI Plan                                                                       
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Developed a Title VI plan that included stand-alone documents for Environmental Justice, LEP, Public Participation, and Performance Standards The City of Colorado Springs Mountain Metropolitan Transit .  The project included significant demographic analysis, route performance evaluation, and coordination with the project manager and working group. Additional work included in the scope of services included demographic maps and route profiles that will be used in future planning efforts.


City of Cripple Creek Implementation Assistance/Facility Plan                                                                                                      
Cripple Creek, Colorado

Assisted with the implementation of Cripple Creek local service and the regional connection to Victor that resulted from the previous work of Community of Caring and the Teller County LCC.  Our work included assistance with the development of operational policies and procedures, grant management, service evaluation, Drug and Alcohol Plan, LEP Plan, Title VI Plan, SSEP, and a plan for a bus storage and transit operations facility.  


Tahoe Transportation District                                                                                 =
Zephyr Cover, Nevada

Responsible for developing a customized Mobility Manager training program, assisting in the recruitment/screening of the chosen mobility manager, providing customized classroom on-site training, assisting in the development of the TTD Regional Coordination Plan, and facilitating initial coordination meetings with regional stakeholders.


Colorado Department of Transportation
Denver, Colorado

Responsible for in plant bus inspections, acceptance inspections, Buy America Report, developing maintenance QA programs, warranty compliance, weekly/monthly records and vehicle inspections.  Current ongoing tasks include weekly mechanical inspections of buses, PM and DVIR compliance and associated repair oversight, warranty work and reimbursements, weekly and monthly performance and activity reports, and working with the contractor to develop methods for improvement when deficient areas or programs are identified.


​Via Mobility Services                                                                                                    
Boulder, Colorado

Responsible for the evaluation of Via Mobility Service’s maintenance department, organization, facilities, policies, procedures, and overall performance.  We developed recommendations for organizational improvement aimed at Preventive Maintenance and DOT and RTD compliance requirements for Via’s mixed fleet of more than 100 vehicles.  Recommendations included the development of consistent policies and procedures, PM follow-up procedures, the establishment of re-order points for common inventory items, shift modifications, and the establishment of performance standards.  

Global Transportation    

Commerce City, Colorado

Developed recommendations to improve On-Time-Performance of PMs, overall system improvement, and performance on third-party vehicle inspections for RTD Access-A-Ride vehicles.  We developed processes to ensure PM compliance, monitored maintenance performance, and conducted DOT/RTD inspections of vehicles.  Worked with Global and RTD staff to transition 56-vehicle fleet to new contractors.  Included direct oversight of the maintenance department during the vehicle transition.

SMS Transportation                                                                                                      
Gardena, California                                                                               
Developed bus operator training programs, operational policies and procedures, job descriptions and recruitment programs, and operational assistance as needed.  Worked closely with staff to develop programs and project specifically tailored to individual operations properties.  Also worked with SMS on business development efforts that included cost modeling, proposal development and presentation.


TMS Leasing                                                                                                                    
Los Angeles, California                              

Conducted third party vehicle fleet inspections of TMS employee shuttle fleet.  The inspections resulted in recommendations that were used to help determine vehicle maintenance and replacement schedules.  Also served as interim operations management for the LAX shuttle operation while conducting a search for the eventual manager.

Tahoe Transportation District                                                                               
 Zephyr Cove, Nevada

Third party vehicle fleet inspections, oil sample analysis, and total vehicle outlook for the Tahoe Transit District’s mixed fleet of 41 vehicles.  The inspections resulted in several vehicles being downed for DOT safety and ADA violations, a complete vehicle mechanical analysis, and recommendations that were used to help determine vehicle maintenance and replacement schedules.