Senior Consultants

Michael Koch

Associate Planner/GIS Specialist

Michael Koch has four years of experience focusing on transit data collection, demographic analysis, and use of GIS technology. He has received awards and been recognized for his experiences from academic and professional geographic organizations in mapping, project management, cartographic design, remote sensing and spatial analysis.  Recent experience includes demographic analysis for the Colorado Springs Transit Division’s Title VI Program, survey development and demographic mapping for the Cheyenne 5-Year Transit Development Plan, and Technical Assistance on the Intercity & Regional Bus Network Study recently completed for CDOT. 

Brittany Goode

Associate Planner

Brittany Goode has more than ten years’ experience in private and public procurement, Federal regulatory guidelines, proposal management, contract management & writing, and grant management & writing encompassing the non-profit, public and private sectors.  she is well versed in coordinating and facilitating transit objectives on a large-scale as well as public transit system planning, development and improvement, including vehicle maintenance and transportation facilities.  Her experience extends to include a comprehensive knowledge of ADA policy development and implementation, Title VI Civil Rights, EEO, DBE, LEP and Environmental Justice program development and oversight, and transit planning and operational principals.

Ralph Power


Firm principal Ralph Power has more than 20 years of public transportation project management experience.  Mr. Power has worked both directly and on contract for government agencies, private corporations, non-profit organizations and Native American tribal governments. He has planned and managed most modes of public transportation including fixed route,   demand response and commuter services in various settings including large urban systems. In addition to a robust planning background that ranges from schedule development to transit feasibility studies, he brings a strong management and operations perspective to any project. Management work that included developing policies and procedures, procurement guidelines, continuous quality improvement initiatives, safety plans, maintenance plans, and regulatory program compliance, provide the unique perspective of having implemented plans and being accountable to the results. Additionally, having worked directly with operations and professional personnel, he brings a unique ability to relate to internal staff challenges associated with a project.  

Ted Schweitzer

Senior Maintenance and Operations Consultant

Senior Maintenance and Operations Consultant Ted Schweitzer has more than 35 years of leadership, mentoring, team building, and strategic planning skills gained through his experience in the United States Navy and within the public transportation industry.  Ted is an enthusiastic professional with extensive experience in management, customer service, transit vehicle/aircraft maintenance, repair, inspections, OEM procedures, and transit vehicle/aircraft logistics.  In addition to maintaining heavy equipment aboard an aircraft carrier and having direct responsibility for the maintenance of a public transit fleet, he has taken on a leadership role in countywide mobility management efforts.  Transit-specific xperience includes operations/maintenance management, grant writing/administration, FTA/DOT compliance and oversight, facilities planning, capital planning, and service planning. 

                     Associate Consultants

David Sharfarz

Senior Planning Associate

David Sharfarz, Power Transit Solutions Senior Associate, has 37 years of staff and consultative experience working with transit agencies, local governments, not-for-profit agencies and private sector clients on a broad range of management, administrative, and planning assignments.  Over the years he has served on the management team of six US transit systems and conducted dozens of consulting engagements for large and small transit systems.  He brings extensive knowledge of operations and scheduling in both rural and urban operating environments, specializing in service development and operations planning.  David has a comprehensive understanding of how transportation networks operate and the mechanical details that go into making the pieces work together effectively.  He also adds a national perspective with similar experience in small urban and rural areas extending from California to New England and Canada. 

PTS consultants have national experience in rural, small urban and large urban settings spanning multiple disciplines.

Larry Johnson

Quality Assurance Consultant

Quality Assurance Consultant Larry Johnson has more than 20 years of experience in transit bus construction quality control and analysis in positions ranging from QA inspector to final assembly supervisor.  Larry has performed coach inspections at the paint shop, performed quality audit on both partially-assembled and showroom-ready coaches, QA process supervision, full support of resident inspectors, and coordinate communications between engineering, sales and the customer.  Through his experience he is well versed in all bus manufacturing processes, FTA regulations pertaining to bus purchases and Buy American, and the mechanical and electrical function of transit buses and over the road coaches.